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DrJoe's upgrade instructions

This was posted by on AVS Forum by DrJoe

Yes I did -- replaced the 30 gig quantum drive in my Showstopper PV-HS2000 with an 80 gig maxtor. I used Toot's Windows 2000 upgrade program, and she was nice enough to post step-by-step instructions. She also posted a dry run of her process.

I may be biased -- but probably am a good person to ask because I have NO CLUE what these folks are doing, and so was in your boat -- but I liked Toot's Windows 2000 program because it was simpler -- less rebooting to floppies.

The process goes like this -- and I suggest you first "burn in" Maxtor before pulling out the ReplayTV drive.

Note that there are two sets of "jumper" settings on the Maxtor instructions. One set is "cylinder limited" -- this is NOT the ones you want. Use the other.

  1. Obtain an 80 gig Maxtor.
  2. Insert the floppy you get with the Maxtor and delete the uneccesary files: DG.EXE file, the hidden DG.BIN, SPLASH.EXE, and SPLASH04.LBM files, and then EDIT (don't OPEN!!) the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to remove the "echo MaxBlast...", "SPLASH.EXE", and "DG.EXE" lines. (thanks to KCL for this procedure) Now go to the Maxtor website and down load AMset and WVset. Extract the programs from the zip files you download to the floppy. They go to funny directories, but put them all in the root of the floppy. One file is a driver, it is the same for all three so don't worry if you copy over it.
  3. Open your PC. There should be two IDE ribbon cables with drives on them. The primary probably only has the PC hard drive, the secondary has your CD rom and maybe a zip drive or something. Pull the ribbon cable off the CD (and anything else), with the jumper set as "master, attach it to the line. There will also be a power connector. Try not to bang them around -- if you can put something next to the compute to set them on it is good; I let them hang -- beware, bumping exposed metal can cause static electricity shocks which can kill them.
  4. Turn the machine on with the maxtor bootable in the A: floppy drive. It will find your Maxtor for you. Run AMset and WVset and turn to "off" AMset is "accoustic management" -- and maybe it should be on. Up to you to decide. It is on in the Quantum; some people say to turn it off to get better performance (but more noise). Run Powerdisk and do the low level format write test -- this can take a few to several hours depending on how fast your computer is. Power down when finished.
  5. Now, shut off and unplug the ReplayTV, open the case and extract the drive. Be careful -- banging the drive can kill it, brushing the exposed high voltage power supply can kill you.
  6. Go back to your computer. The cable the Maxtor is on should have two connectors. a)remove the Maxtor, change the jumpers from "master" to slave" and put it back on the cable. b)Attach the Quantum.
  7. Power up. Get a command promp -- click "start", "program files", "accessories" and choose "command prompt" In the dos window, type "cd Replaytv". if you type "dir" you should see Toot's files. Type "RTVPatch.exe" and follow the directions Toot's gave in the "non-hacker" thread. After you are finished, pwoer down, remove both of the drives and reattach the cable to their original drives. Re-jumper the Maxtor as "master" and put it back into the ReplayTV; put the Quantum in the antistatic bag the maxtor came in, box it up and store it.
  8. Hook up the ReplayTV. When you plug it in (if I remember right you don't have to hit power, but you might) a "waiting" screen will come on. After a minute or two, the screen will go blank and the unit power down. Hit POWER and it should start up with 3x the recoding time.
If you don't have windows 2000, things are more complicated. You have to actually ctreate a floppy disk that boots to linux (a non-windows operating system) that I know next to nothing about (OK, it's based on unix... that's about all I know).

KCL described how he did the upgrade with the Linux floppy.

Good luck -- and hope this helps!