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This was posted by on AVS Forum by japi

Here is a step by step guide for using the Linux floppy version of the upgrade program to add a second hard drive to an existing system in 20 easy steps. I found this approach to be more appealing, as I didn't want to put my original 30G/Hour drive into mothballs. NOTE: The following will void your warranty and could possibly ruin your system. Blah blah blah blah danger Will Robinson blah blah blah. Proceed at your own risk - IT IS WORTH IT! Your mileage may vary.

Final warning: you might want to consider the advise that has been offered about backup and recovery procedures in the following thread:


Enough warnings, lets go for it!

  1. Download the latest RTVPatch.IMG from rtvpatch_image.zip
  2. Use Rawrite2.exe to create a linux boot diskette based on RTVPatch.img (The included makeboot.bat file will run rawrite with the appropriate parameters)
  3. Unplug the power cord!
  4. Open the system and remove the hard drive
  5. Leave original drive jumpered as master, jumper the new IDE Hard Drive as a slave. If your new drive has been used as a PC drive, be sure to remove the PC operating system partitions with the FDISK command.
  6. Connect both hard drives to a PC with an IDE cable - It is not a bad idea to unplug all your other IDE devices, this will stop you from accidentally converting your Windows hard drive into a vegetable.
  7. Boot with the linux floppy (see #'s 1&2 above)
  8. When linux login prompt finally appears - type 'root' and press enter (note: Linux is case sensative, ROOT won't cut it!)
  9. Enter the command RTVPatch (pay close attention to CAPS and lower case again)
  10. From the RTVPatch menu, enter the 'i' command to see if your Replay Master is recognized by the RTVPatch software. If you can not determine which drive is which - STOP now and come back to the forums with your questions.
  11. Enter 'a' command (add a second drive)
  12. Follow simple on-screen instructions and indicate the first and second drive numbers. Your original drive with the Replay operating system is your first drive.
  13. Answer yes to "Are you sure" questions.
  14. Wait a few seconds....
  15. Programming is now complete
  16. Typed 'x' to exit the RTVPatch program
  17. Turn off PC
  18. Attach both hdd's to Showstopper/Replay system (I had to "drill" a hole in my IDE cable to accomodate the "hey dummy" pin that Panasonic didn't remove)
  19. Turn on system
  20. Please wait message should go away in a few moments. Press power button again and you should be ready to go!